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>> Monday, November 23, 2009

Heya Venturoos!

Remember the painted images Jackson Publick posted on his (the) LiveJournal before the premiere? What a tease. Anyway, most have already been explained in the first six episodes, but not all. Here are a few still making us ponder, as well as our theories:

H: Is this the Revenge Society's headquarters? Jonas Jr.'s secret (evil?) hideout? Captain Sunshine's summer house? I have no idea, but that creepy hand that's supporting the incoming bridge is giving me the heebie jeebies.

M: I agree, it's very Revenge-y. Just please don't let it be an Underbheit arc.

H&M: Jackson shed some light on this one: "That, by the way, is a 3D modeled Monarchmobile the Korean studio surprised us with." Say it with us: Squee!

H: Hank and Dean appear to be fishin' for some ladies at the mall. I'm intrigued. This season has brought about a lot of changes for the boys — a barely-there 'stache and an interest in science for Dean, a rebellious streak and a new style for Hank — so I'm not surprised. I am, however, wondering what the heck the girl in the green shirt is thinking with her thong hanging out there like that.

M: Is it bad when you start recognizing background characters? That red shirt lady gets around. Anyway, Hank is very "it's ours for the taking!" in this — Dean is characteristically (and comfortingly) unnerved. Love the three-piece suit: OMG — another date with Triana?:)

H: Another orb? To tell you the truth, I don't even care what the giant pink glowing thing is in this shot — what I'm really excited for is the return of Triana!

M: Yay! The return of The Triad. How I have missed Dr. O & the gang. Fingers crossed this is a portal to visit Orpheus' master (the first time for the other two members.)


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