Venture Bros: Would You Rather?

>> Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's decision time, Venturoos. We've been collecting Venture-related Would You Rathers all week on our Twitter (@VeryVentureGrls), and we still want more! If you send us a particularly good WYR or answer, we'll feature it on the next episode of V3 (ooh! ahh!)

In the meantime, have fun mulling these brain-busters over:
  • Would You Rather be roommates w/ the moppets or Dermott?
  • Would You Rather have Dr. Killinger come back to help Dean win Triana's heart, or help 21 get over 24's tragic death? (From @HenchgirlA)
  • Would You Rather be a member of the Guild or the OSI?
  • Would You Rather Rusty be secretly related to Dr. Quymn or The Monarch?
  • Would You Rather go LARPing with 21 or hench for the Monarch? (From @Treejail4you)
  • Would You Rather see the boys beat up by Kim or kidnapped/molested by Myra? (From @Ultrafem)
  • Would You Rather witness a fight btwn Molotov & Dr. Wife or Sgt. Hatred & Capt. Sunshine?
  • Would You Rather see more of Lance & Dale Hale or the Ex-Wonderboy?


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