A Very Venture Giveaway!

>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hiya Venturoos! Yep, the long-awaited giveaway has finally come to fruition... And the fruit in this fruition smoothie is danger! (no, we don't know what we're saying either). Feast your eyes on some authentically replicated art therapy by Mr. Brock Samson, for it could be yours!

The above re-created art therapy painting was contributed by the incredibly talented and multi-faceted Venture fanatic Trey W. Please visit Trey's DeviantART or his Etsy page and follow him out on Twitter: @Treejail4you

To enter to win:

1.) Follow us on Twitter: @VeryVentureGrls
2.) Tweet to us why you think you are the most deserving to win / why you must own this scary (oops -- powerful) piece of artwork. 
3.) Include the hashtag #V3giveaway. 
4.) Say "Welcome to a Very Venture Vodcast" out loud. It ain't as easy at it looks!

Contest ends August 31st! The winner will be contact via Twitter for a mailing address. Good luck!


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