Obscure Joke of the Week: Revealed!

>> Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hiya Venturoos! Welcome to our new segment: "Obscure Joke of the Week, Revealed!" OK, so to preface:

1.) Yes, we're basing our picks on what we consider "obscure." This may not be obscure to you at all -- but bear with us.

2.) If you want to suggest or explain another reference that you loved in this week's episode, please leave a comment. We'd love to hear it!

3.) Yep, Doc & Jackson would probably hate this segment for it's cold, clinical nature. Let's get started!

Episode: "The Diving Bell vs. The Butter Glider"

Setting: A welcome home party for King Gorilla attended by an assortment of neighborhood villains -- including The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. King Gorilla has lost a lot of weight due to having the big C (which no one told The Monarch about).

Joke: The Monarch to Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: "He looks like a gorilla suit with nobody in it--wearing David Byrne's 'Stop Making Sense' suit."

Explained!: The joke references a 1984 movie/documentary titled "Stop Making Sense" that features three concerts performed by the Talking Heads. Tagline: "Why stop making sense? Why a movie? Why a big suit? Where do the odd movements come from? What will the band do next?" As you have probably gathered by now, frontman David Byrne wears a crazy-huge white suit in the documentary... for artistic reasons? Eh, I was too busy being a twinkle in my parents' eyes to appreciate it. Picture time!


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