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>> Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey there, Venturoos! Sorry for being so quiet this week; we've been super busy! But, as promised, we've put together another installation of screen shots from last Sunday's episode, Pomp & Circuitry.

Poor Hank. Dean receives his 'Venture Industries Homeschool' diploma from the boys' learning bed, but his twin doesn't get one. We wish we could read more of this one, but we love it anyways.

These four images are one of our favorite finds from this episode; The Guild's files on everyone! Some of the more readable ones include: Truckules, Manta Claus, The Monarch, Chairman Wow, Dr. Girlfriend Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, Phantom Limb, Mommy Longlegs, Nat King Cobra, Flying Squid, Crim-o-dile, Baron √únderbheit, King Gorilla, Half-Jackyl, Skorpio, Tigeriffic, and a few more that we can't quite make out. What an awesome extra background bonus! 

There are a few things happening in this shot. First, please notice the super awesome Guild logo on the back of Phantom Limb's jumpsuit. Really, we just love the details! Also, This is a photo from his file, and it was referenced as the Boys' Brigade. We're still a little unsure about who everyone in the photo is (any theories, guesses, or 'duh's?), but we've identified Dr. Venture (Jonas Sr.), Professor Richard Impossible, wheelchair-bound Hamilton G. Fantomos (Phantom Limb), and who we think is The Alchemist with a fro. We could totally be wrong. What do you think?

And, last in this sequence is a shot of some of the folders in Phantom Limb's file: Labeled 'State University,' 'Accident that Gave Him Powers,' and 'Relationships.'

We loved Hank & Dean's Dream Jobs lists! It was fun seeing their different handwriting styles (and how they totally matched their personalities), and also what they want to be when they 'grow up.' Hank's list included drifter, owner/operator of Chimp Eden, Batman (Golden Age), Batman (Post-crisis), and secutor (a type of gladiator).

Dean's dream jobs were really adorable. On his list was 'Boy Reporter,' 'Boy Detective,' 'Marine Biologist,' 'Husband,' and Retiarius (another type of gladiator, which he crosses off because Hank calls them 'gaylords'). Dr. Venture is shown here adding 'Super Scientist' to the list, despite the fact that Dean isn't interested.

The boys' lists are also where Kimson "Retiarius" Albert gets his reference this week. 

We love this! Hank is packing up to join the army ("Not that army, Sgt. Butkiss!") and makes sure to take his suction-cup-tipped arrows. You know, for protection.

Remember this lady? Doc & Jackson are very open about re-using background characters, so it's not uncommon to see one. She's from season 1, episode 2 (Careers in Science). Remember when H.E.L.P.eR. is flying through space attached to a satellite? This lady gets a call on her cell phone from him and explains to her friend on the other line that someone is trying to send her a fax. We love the callbacks so much!

One of our favorite parts about beggar Phantom Limb is the font that his sign is in. Really?! Olde English? What homeless people make signs in Olde English? So great.

See these jars of pee? Well, when we met Doc at Dragon*Con, he told us how he often holes himself up in the AstroBase and paints for hours on end. When he gets really into it, he doesn't like to stop for bathroom breaks, so he will pee in jars. This is totally a reference to that. Our favorite part of that story is Jackson's reaction when he comes in and sees what's going on: "You animal."

"The nucleo-tide has turned..." Here is Phineas Phage, who is arching Professor Impossible.  He's our only villain (so far, at least) that is an equal-opportunity henchperson employer.

Here's Phage's hench-team: The Pro-Teens. We love that one of them has acne, therefore supporting the idea that they are the 'Pro-Teens' and not the 'Proteins.' We're pretty sure Doc & Jackson just plain can't resist wordplay when it's even remotely present.

Dean & Dr. Venture go to State University to speak with the Dean of Students about college. Don't you love Dr. Venture's car? It's made by Venture Motors and pretty much looks exactly like a Jaguar, except the decal on the front is of a running man instead of the iconic big cat.

Is it us, or does the last guy sitting on the stage kind of look like James Urbaniak

Please note the Guild thermos, which is dispensing warm, comforting hot chocolate to Phineas Phage as he tattle-tales on Phantom Limb.

Dr. Willard Harris, Dead of Admissions. We're REALLY hoping Comic Sans was used here in irony.

The plans for the Limb Augmentation Apparatus. Super science-y.

We loved Hank's tin-foil helmet, and his remarkable ability to be, well, smart. Dare we say cunning and apt? "Old mind-eraser switcheroo trap. Easily evaded by the whole tinfoil-on-the-head ruse. So, I passed, right?" Oh, Hank :)

Check out Professor Impossible's new costume! We can't wait to see people cosplaying at the next convention in this. Check out his skull pipe! So super awesome.

Last but not least, is Baron √únderbheit and his man slave! Homeless edition. And kind of endearing as they ask Professor Impossible (Incorrigible?) and Phantom Limb if they can join their club, all elementary-school-treehouse-gang style.


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