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>> Friday, September 10, 2010

Check out this article that ran on the LA Weekly blog today... they mention our vodcast! And the article isn't so bad itself....
The Venture Bros. thrives with very little media attention. In a way, it's a Web 2.0 phenomenon. News often breaks through Jackson's LiveJournal or Doc's MySpace page, then travels through a network of fan-based media outlets. There are news sites, like The Venture Bros. Blog and The Mantis Eye Experiment, in addition to forums and a wiki resource. There are commentary sources like Very Venture Vodcast. Then there's the almost voyeuristic Doc Hammer, Fuck Yeah, a Tumblr page that features little more than photos of the boisterous and fashionable co-writer.
Also, have we mentioned how amazing Dragon*Con was yet? We met some AMAZING new friends (including Marc, from Venture Bros. Blog and Chandra, who is also known as SpookyChan) and had the time of our lives. If you weren't following us in Twitter (tsk, tsk), you should, because we posted some great photos and we even tweeted some conversational tidbits from talking to Doc. And speaking of Doc, we just have to share this:

That's right. That just happened. And we're the happiest girls in the world. Go Team Venture!


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