Screen-shots from "Everybody Comes to Hank's"

>> Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hank should really go into marketing if SPHINX doesn't work out; he's a whiz-bang branding machine. I think "puppet repair" is our favorite of Hank Co.'s new endeavors.

We took this screen-shot solely because it says "0% off select items today" on the sign in the background. Hank is so like his dad.

OK, so right before this screen-shot Dermott was on the phone with his "sister" Nikki. He says her name, clear as day, right in front of Dr. Venture and then yells at him for interrupting the call. Do you think Dr. V caught the name, or was just affronted by an adolescent being rude to him here?

Same question as above! Look at Dr. V's face... either it's a day that ends in Y, or he has a sneaking suspicion about Dermott.

 The more you look for a resemblance between the boys and Dermott (AKA Pudgy McTalkalot), the more you find one. Look at the nose! Creepy, right?

Pow, right in the bread-basket! Finally! We could watch this scene on repeat.

Such a great shot of our young hero. Also, what does that key open? More importantly: where can we get one of those keychains?

For the fifty-thousandth time, animation is so incredible in these episodes. Exhibit J: the naked lady puddle!
The Venture Home News also makes a triumphant (albeit quiet) return in this episode when Billy uses it to give Hank Nikki's card. The top story?: "Dateline: New York."

We know this is supposed to be a fist-pumping moment of victory for Hank, but... it's kind of creepy the more we think about it. This almost middle-aged woman has serious issues because of the Venture family; we doubt that we've seen the last of Nikki Ick-tel.

Haha...Hank, your nerd. We love you. Fingers crossed she wasn't your mom!

It's the million-dollar question: who exactly is this Riddler-style Dr. Venture look-a-like with the good hair and pinstripey suaveness? Common guesses: Adult Dean Venture, Dr. Venture from an alternate reality where he's successful, David Bowie up to his old tricks. Stay tuned for answers next Sunday!


WeedHappy October 12, 2010 at 2:12 PM  

I love you two, but this episode is a FAIL. Just not a fan of Dermott.

Hope you saw

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