>> Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Shore Leave,

"Brockness Monster..." "Brock Lobster.... "Brock of Ages..." "Brock-block..." We love your Brockisms so much that we decided to come up with a few of our own.

Still not satisfied, we invited other Venturoos to come up with their own, and have since scoured the earth (OK, Twitter and our YouTube comments) for more. Our efforts have been fruitful to say the least. We hope you approve and put these to good use. K thanks.

Love, H & M

From Holly:
Brock Paper Scissors
Brockodile Dundee
Hickory Dickory Brock
Brockin' around the Christmas tree
Jingle bell Brock
Post-coital 'Brock of shame'
If these walls could Brock...
Argyle Brocks

From Marilee:
Brock of Seagulls
A Brock-work Orange
All Brock and No Walk
Brocket Launcher
Rock Out with your Brock Out!

From Venture Bros. Blog:
Fraggle Brock

From MCProductions:

Brock em' Sock em' Robots

From kakamakashi:
Pop and Brock it!
Timmy, don't forget to wear your Brockstrap
The Wall Street Brock Exchange
New Kids on the Brock

From Lonelysith66:
Brocky Road Ice Cream

From blahdiddy2006:
Brocket J Squirrel
In the town of Bedbrock
Brock Hammer
Third Brock from the Sun

From fatfrogz:

From deadpool981:
The Brocky Horror Picture Show

From mrbigbad10:
Brock the Casbah
Between a Brock and a hard place
Brock it to me!


emilio October 1, 2010 at 3:03 PM  

love it! i came across this article when verifying "Brockisms" for my own article. i think we Venture fans are connected through some mysterious super-radiation or metaphysical lattice.

Brock and awe: a little Shore Leave wordplay

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