Screen-shots from Bright Lights, Dean City

>> Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh Geez, we've missed you, Malcolm. Even if this was just faux-montage-you. Apparently, Hank Co. also exists in the faux montage world -- that is definitely a sticker on the side of the ATM!

Eek! How scary was this, even in the kill-y dreamworld sequence? We didn't catch until the second viewing that it says " 21" on the wall in blood. As in, "It was me, 21"? Hee. :) Also, we always knew those moppets were no good; this better not be a River Tam/sleeper codeword situation.

Dear Dean: Love your multiple "Encouragement" posters. Thrifty decorating indeed! But anywho, it was good to see you so happy without your dad around. There's hope for you yet!

OK, call us paranoid...but what is the giant 148 about? Why 148? What does it mean? ('s so vivid; so intense.)
Sergeant Hatred's rations that Dean survives on all summer are called "Soldiers Joy." Roaches not included. Speaking of Hatred, if Rusty is back in NYC, where is his bodyguard? 

Again, completely missed that the X-1 was parked on top of Dean's apartment complex the first time we saw the episode. Ah, the glorious Venture-verse.

OH GEEZ look how cute little Rusty is! Look at those eyes; he's like Bambi in stereo. *melt*

"Rust!" A Broadway Musical by Thaddeus S. Venture (written in one night!) We would kill to get our hands on that musical. How much of it do you think Doc and Jackson have written already, if only in their heads (for now)? 

Keyboard courtesy of Hank Co. Side-note: Isn't "Rust!" a great name for Dr. Venture's musical? It speaks to the decay of a family name, to the neglect and disuse of potential, to the...OK, we'll stop.

NYC was rife with Bizzy Bee signs. Is it foreshadowing for a future episode? Fingers crossed!

Mmm. This still was just for us. I think our recent infatuation with Dr. Impossible is simply a result of withdrawal-like symptoms for a certain other skinny, accessory-fond villain...

Plus 150 VeryVentureGrls points* for the person who can name all of the villains vying for a spot with the Revenge Society! There's Brainulo and the prong-faced guy from Tag Sale, You're It -- but we want names for the rest of the gang.  (*150 points redeemable for a ringpop).

Hands up if you got actual chills during this scene. Us too. "Knife...super-powers..." tee hee.

"Lady Hawk Johnson" looks so much like her namesake, Lady Bird Johnson, it's spooky. See for yourself. Hope we see more of her and Linden Bee (Lyndon B. Johnson)!

Dean is such a good little intern! "I, Dean Venture, resign by duties as Unpaid Summer Intern/Executive Assistant/ Head of Human Resources..." What a go-getter! We are rooting for his Boy Reporter aspirations.

Hi, Sexy Dr. V. So glad our dimension's Rusty didn't kill you with a rock. Sidenote: how great was the real Dr. Venture's hat? Other sidenote: Aren't you glad to have disillusioned Dr. V back in action? Driven, happy Rusty was just off-putting. 


Anonymous October 22, 2010 at 8:57 AM  

We have shirts designed by one of the show's artist, Mike Borkowski, if anyone is interested. I love the Venture Brothers, and was honored that Mike said he would design some shirts for us!

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