Screenshots from Assisted Suicide

>> Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bare-chested Brock must be quite a handful to draw consistently. Metal plate: check, Icarus tat: check.

On Venture stationary, no less. How thoughtful of The Monarch.

This shot was just too cute to pass up. Another Brisby Bee logo in yet another episode (on Dean's raincoat)!

Hank comforting Dean is so cute. "Welcome to the Misfit Toys club."

Rust's box o' favorite things. Medals, trophies, love letters, picture of Loni Anderson, something that looks suspiciously like the Venture Bros. 4.1 DVD (but, as my cohost pointed out, is pink instead of blue.)

Mr. Goodnews (AKA Thanatos) and Eros. We want to see Thanatos cosplay like woah; Eros, not so much.

The undead Venture clones, busy haunting Dr. Venture's mind. There are several pairs of the green, seaweed-y ones, making us think the Venture twins need to avoid water at all costs.

The Rusty's imaginary bevy of ladies include Lindsay Wagner (the Bionic Woman), Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (not Dr. Girlfriend? Homewrecker.) Sally Impossible, the pink-haired nurse, and Myrah Brandish (not exactly in her prime!)

Do you think the blue eyes of creepy Rusty/Id were on purpose? *Ass Grabbing*

We were both saddened and simultaneously thankful for the cutaway from the Billy/White make-out sesh. Also, between Molotov, Colonel Treister, and now Eros, black eyepatches are so out.

Check out the sweet clock on Ego's wall! It's Brock/Monarch themed. WANT.

Who do you prefer, Superego Rusty or Alternate Dimension Rusty?

Yep, this was all just lying around in the Monarch's bedroom. Again, I want to see Dr. M's costume in cosplay; 21, not so much.

The headcount of the clones is a little off. In this scene, you can count 32 boys. There should only be 28, since 14 pairs have died that we know about. If you watch the episode from start to finish, you can count about 37 boys, and, as @VentureBrosBlog pointed out, that's not even counting the lost Sevens in the microscopic sub!

Oh Monarch, we've missed you so. Also, you need to spend less time galavanting around Dr. V's brain and more time taking care of the homefront. 

How amazing was the kicker monologue? Such a great piece of writing on Doc Hammer's part, such a stellar reading on James Urbaniak's. Answers the age-old question of "who was a worse father?" for good.


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