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>> Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hi Venturoos!

We asked a few questions to our Twitter peeps this week and thought we'd share them (and the totally awesome answers we got!) with you in the blog world, as well. 

We'd love to hear your answers, too, so feel free to comment on this post with yours.

Question 1: Who would you rather be your bag boy at the grocery store: Brock, Dean, Hank, Dr. Venture, Orpheus or The Monarch?

JD_BlkHawk_Law: Hank! Brock wouldn't do it, Dean and O would talk to much, DR V would complain too much and Monarch would be too devious!
Venturoo: Definitely Orpheus! Assuming I already had the chance to meet Brock.  Floating goods neatly landing in paper, not plastic
circe154: Hank looks like a bag boy
MadisonJennings: Brock. He can bag me anytime. #win #GoTeamVenture
themarkwebb: U kidding? Orpheus by a LONGSHOT! ever seen that guy cook? he'd be a superb bagger.
_cde:  Dr. Ms. The Monarch, ofcourse ☪
Jojo_Bean: Oh Orpheus all the way.. maybe Monarch but i don't really want a dart to the neck!!
FunnyBunnyLarue: Dr.O 
Diagnostik80:  Brock, all day!!
Diagnostik80: Was I supposed to give a reason? Because he is all win.
snackstar: Dean def. Hank wouldn't care enough to do a good job, brock would break all my eggs, Dr. V would scam helper into doing it
snackstar: Orpheus would talk for 45 min about the advantages of Sage in rituals, and the Monarch would likely try to kill me, butfail
NurseTiger: The Monarch, hands down. I'd pay to see him make fun of my toiletries and poorly chosen dvds
CaBaNa_Dread: Orpheus, for the slight chance of being taken as his apprentice. Also, take your daughter to work day.
DalekEmpress: I think Dean would be the most polite and careful w my purchases, which is what I look for in a bag boy. ...cont.
DalekEmpress: I think the rest would resent bag boy status meaning damaged food. except Hank who would call me out for not tipping.
VeryVentureGrls: Yes! The reasons for Orpheus, The Monarch & Brock are probably our favorites (O for magic, M for snark, B for ooglability/badassery).

Question 2: Best nanny: Dr. V, Sgt. Hatred, Dr. Mrs./Lady Au Pair, Molotov, Dr. Killinger, Murderous Moppets, King Gorilla(RIP), HELPeR, or Brock?

barbsobel: Killinger & his Magic Murder Bag.
snackstar: tie between HELPeR and Dr. Killinger
Diagnostik80: I love HELPeR.
xGENOCIDEx: sgt hatred hahaha
lizhanesian: Molotov.
mantiseye: Like best actually being a nanny or most entertaining to outsiders?
VeryVentureGrls: You get to pick! Both!
jsigsbury: dr. ms.
DalekEmpress: I'm going to say Dr. K because he's competent, caring but tough, and magic.
DanskiGuyovitch: dr. killinger for sure
airelav2: The moppets were the best! Like thing 1 and thing 2.
NurseTiger: Killinger was totally awesome with the Venture twins (and adorable). He deserves some recognition as an awesome nanny!
mantiseye: Well in that case my answers are HELPeR, Killinger and Dr. Mrs. The last one is if I had to pick a nanny for me. Meow.
CopperValentine: Its prbly too late to post my opinion - but The Monarch would be best. Everyone else ends up killing kids or hates them.

Thanks for all of your responses, and follow us on Twitter (@VeryVentureGrls) for more super awesome/random/officially informal polls!


Vhaeroth December 18, 2012 at 2:05 PM  

Until veiwing your vodcast I was unaware that people did not like Dermott. While I will admit he is not my favorite character I will say I don't think you guys understand what the character brings to the show and why he is so good. For starters he is one of the few characters with a outside prospective on the super science/heros vs villians world most of the characters live in. Also he is a good character for hank and dean to bounce dialog off of on there level. The main reason he is a great character however is that he exists in real life. Growing up most kids have dealt with friends like Dermott bragging about things that they could have never really done. Dermott has some of the best lines in the show and that last thing I would want is for them to tone down or change him. "Damn, and my pilots license on covers a single engine craft!"

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